Saturday, April 14, 2012

A little self reminder

"Be on your best behaviour on any day , and at all times, as Muslims. Because we might be the only Quranic verse that people will ever read. We might also be the only glimpse of our Prophet that people will ever see. "

Monday, March 19, 2012

#nowplaying Pieces

Been neglecting this space for some time.
Too little time, too much to do.
And this week's gonna be one hectic week, I'm sure.
But I'm looking forward to this WEEKEND particularly.
Yayness! I hope things will turn out just awesome, InsyaAllah :D

Just wanna share a picture from our recent trip.Boo-hoo, nak jalan-jalan lagi :(

Now back to being as busy as a bee.. buzzZZZzzz..

Peace out and Salaam.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Busy days

.. But classes have not even started yet..haha..

My housemate Sarah and I are busy working part-time to support our living (lol), and busy packing our stuff because we are moving to a new place this weekend. Woot woot!

We are really looking forward for this weekend. At least I am :P

The picture below shows how our living room transformed itself into a store room. Macam tongkang pecah, bukan?:P

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

That's Music, Grandpa :D

"Whatever lies ahead for listeners and musicians is unknown; the only guarantee is that, however you listen to music now, it will likely be vastly different in the near future." (

That's so true, isn't it? And yes, the video is kinda funny when you watch it once. But when u think deeply, taking into account the Grandpa's saying that he doesn't understand a word from the music, God knows how music, or anything else for that matter, is going to evolve in the next few years. I mean, when you take a look around, even many clothing nowadays do not seem like they are something wearable any more. And who would have known that a tiny memory stick/card, a size smaller than a dime, can hold so much important files and memories? And that a person's life is deemed as incomplete without his mobile phone?

Of course there are pros and cons to everything, and we should take advantage on those beneficial to us, but try to avoid those that silently destroys us. How time passes so quickly and how everything's changing rapidly kinda scares me sometimes. After all, every second spent brings us closer to the end of the road..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

home alone II

I was really bored that i decided to walk myself to Marden Supermarket, which was 1.2km (tq googlemaps) from home. I needed to get some stuff anyways, plus, I had been staring into my laptop for hourssss everyday, my eyes needed rest.

The weather didn't look very friendly when I stepped out of my house, but I prayed that it won't rain until I got home, and Alhamdulillah it didn't. On my way back, I took the wrong street. I'm glad that happened, because look what I stumbled across; bright coloured flowers and a cute car :)

Oh, and a reminder for me to go back to that street sometime. Because I saw two houses with a very pretty fence/partition separating them. It was nature-inspired and only uses recycled timber/wood (I think), and its pretty front yard just lifts the ambiance of the dull street. I had already taken my phone out to snap a photo of it, but I wasn't too lucky because the houses' neighbour just had to get home at that very moment, and I didn't want to look like some stalker so I just walked away. Oh well..

When I got home, I conducted an experiment in the kitchen. Tried to make my version of "Puding Sagu Gula Melaka", but it wasn't very much of a success because the sagu was too gooey. Perhaps the water ratio was too much, therefore the result was slimy sagu.  Hehe. It didn't taste half bad though :P

Friday, November 18, 2011

home alone

So, both of my housemates are away now. Sarah is currently in Sydney, attending an Architectural Conference, and Ashmal is staying in her Uni to finish her group assignment. And I'm home alone tonight. I can't recall if this is my first time of being alone or not.. But I have a feeling that this may not be my first time. Probably the 1st time was when I was back in Malaysia. *haha, macam la big deal sangat, maiza*

It's funny though, because come to think of it, at the age I am now, which is 24, I AM an adult. I'm no longer a teenager, or a school kid who should be worried of spending the night alone at home sweeeet home, right? I'm not exactly worried or scared, but I guess I'm just not very fond of being wrapped in too much silence? Haha, that's kinda ironic because I'm sure many people that I know will not hesitate to associate me with silence. 

Saya memang tak  banyak menegeluarkan suara tapi saya tak suka terlalu senyap sunyi, terima kasih :)

Anyhoo, I was in the city today to return a few uni books and also to get some stuff and post 'em back to my family in KL. After getting all those done, I walked to the usual bus stop to catch a bus ride home. But I missed my bus by just a few seconds! I saw it driving away right in front of my eyes. Oh greattt, kena tunggu lagi setengah jam la kan -____-"

But tiba-tiba when waiting for next bus, I got a call from a computer centre that I sent my laptop for service to, saying that my laptop was ready for pick-up. Oh yayyy Alhamdulillah! If I got on the earlier bus, I would have to patah balik or come back another day, which means I'd be wasting my bus ticket. So, yay for that! Besides, my laptop had been away for more than 2 weeks. I really missed her. Hehe. Terpaksa menumpang simpati pinjam Sarah's laptop. Luckily she has a desktop and wasn't using her laptop much. Thanks S! ^^

Anyways, back to the topic of "home alone", I forced my sister to skype wimme. Hahahah. And coincidentally, my aunt and uncle were visiting, and I was forced to watch all of them having dinner together, makan nasik lemak segala (agghhh) which I didn't mind at all because I felt like I was there lol. But that kinda made me hunngrehh. So I prepared myself some supper. Ni beli time sebelum pick up my laptop semasa berjalan-jalan sambil mengusyar barangan kat supermarket. Kinda craving for them sebab kat malaysia mahal sangat tak mampu beli, so sad :( 

But yeah, happy happy joy joy my laptop's back with me. I sent it for service because the fan kept making weird noises, and it overheats up to 80 degrees Celsius. Sometimes more. That freaked me out so I had to turn it off from time to time. So, the problem was there were dust and the bearings in the fan had worn out, and the whole fan piece had to be replaced. And so it was replaced. But weirdly enough, my laptop still overheats now, although not as bad as before, and it burns up when I am on video calls. It heats up to about 71 degrees. I don't understand why this is happening :( My laptop's the only tool I have to strive through next year's studies. And I wouldn't want to invest in a new laptop/desktop please. Next year's budget is going to be reaaally tight coz InsyaAllah we'll be moving to a new house closer to the city and uni, so the rent is gonna be more expensive, hence the tight budget.

That's it for now. Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed weekend! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Thing for White

I'm already a happy owner of a number of white items ^__^
(images are not mine and are for illustration purposes only)
yes, i prefer white shoes over black!

i don't have a watch exactly like this, but of similar design <3

can't keep my eyes off white blouses, dresses, clothing. o_o

white handbags match with everything!

thanks to someone, i'm a proud owner of this :)

And my next wishlist of whites are:

Samsung Galaxy S2 in white, will be mine SOOON! xD

my dream car, small and suave, hehe :D maybe in the next few years insyaAllah.

and white gold instead of yellow. i just love the colour :D


my favourite flower ;)